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Food for Life

Roast Dinner Day

This week, we took part in 'Food for Life's Great Roast Dinner Day'. Many of the foundation children's parents or grandparents joined them for a roast dinner. The children really enjoyed sharing what they do on a daily basis in the lunch hall with their lunch guests.  Later in the year, there will be further opportunities for parents and grandparents  from other year groups to come and experience our lovely roast dinner.



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Food Group Survey 


Our student food group want to find out your thoughts on school lunches and to see if you would like to get involved with projects around cooking and growing in the future. We would appreciate it if you could complete this short survey.



We are doing a great job at composting all our fruit and vegetable peels from our snacks. We look forward to being able to use the compost on our school garden in the future.  

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