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Sport Premium

Bridgetown Primary School

Updated: December 2016





Summary Action Plan for the new funding provision for Sport funding identified and action planned within the school.

Funding: April 2016- 2017




Success Criteria/Impact


Employ a sports leader to provide activities at lunchtimes in order to motivate children to participate in activities which promote physical activity and sporting participation. Also he models leading an ambassador of healthy lifestyles.

-to develop the role of healthy lifestyle ambassador.

-to develop a range of exercise options both team and individual.

-to work with lunchtime supervisors to develop their skills as promoters of fitness.

-to work with groups of children during PE lessons to encourage their participation in extra-curricular activities.

-to run after school sporting/fitness provision

-To train house captains as sports leaders.

More children identify that they are making healthy lifestyle choices.

There is increased participation in games and healthy activities during school.

The school offers exercise options for children who do not necessarily want to participate in competitive sports already offered.

House Captains act as Health Ambassadors/ leaders.


Staffing costs




Equipment linked to lunchtime provision





Supporting the provision of new extracurricular clubs and appropriate equipment and to integrate these new skills into the curriculum.

-to invite new providers into school such as Yoga and Taekwondo in order to encourage children who currently find sports provision unattractive to find an activity they enjoy.

Children who currently do not participate in a recreational sporting activity try new activities and then participate on a regular basis.


Grant to School Council ‘Healthy Living Ambassadors’ of £500 to work with house captains in developing pupil health and fitness initiatives.

School Council to investigate with class councils the best ways to spend £1000 in order to raise health and fitness levels across the school

Children develop increased ownership of their health, fitness and lifestyle choices.



Contribution to fitness trail and climbing frames (£90,000 fundraising required)

Permanent all year play equipment to encourage active play negotiated with School Council.

Children are motivated to exercise through play throughout the year developing gross motorskills and strength.



Subsidised swimming for those still unable to swim after the initial year group input.

-subsidised lessons in small groups for children that cannot swim 25m after initial KS2 input.

All children can swim 25m


Equipment Investment:

To increase the capacity of afterschool netball clubs to include year 3 & 4 pupils.


To refurbish long and high jump pits.

Install two new netball post and hoops.



-obtain quotes to refurbish pits and top up sand. Possibly equip with covers to prevent fouling by cats.

Number of participants increased from 15 to 46 pupils each week.



Sand pits suitable for purpose.







Statement of Sustainability.

The Primary Sports Grant is used at Bridgetown to encourage all pupils to take up sport and regular physical activity in order for them to learn new skills, have fun but most importantly to see keeping fit and healthy as an important part of their long term lifestyle. We are seeking new opportunities in order to encourage non-participants to try and take up activities that will improve their health and long term lifestyle.

Lunchtime play has been enhanced by our dedicated Sports Leader who provides a range of activities throughout the year which not only promotes day to day fitness but also encourages pupils to try new sports which they then go on to take up at afterschool clubs. At present 59% of the general school population takes part in afterschool clubs and compared to 57% of our pupil premium pupils.

We use some of the grant to invest in equipment to allow more children to take up competitive recreational sport. An example of this is to provide two new netball hoops in order for extracurricular club provision to be extended, increasing membership of the group this year from 15 to 46 pupils which now includes year three and four pupils. Participation in team sports from an early age often continues throughout an individual’s lifetime.

The school will continue to promote healthy free time through contributing some of the grant to a new all weather fit trail an Multi Use Games area so that physical activity is not only promoted through sport but also play.

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