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Week commencing 22nd June 2015

Our new focus in maths is statistics.  This week we used tally charts to collect data to make our own bar charts.  Homework was all about answering or interpreting data and should only have taken about ten minutes.  If you want to investigate a little more, check out some of the weblinks below.




Week commencing 11th May 2015

Our focus for maths this week was to revisit multiplication and division.

Take a look at these websites to have a bit of fun and practise too!



Week commencing 27th April 2015

This week we have been reviewing our work on fractions.

We have focused on;

  • adding and subtracting fractions with the same denominator
  • simplifying and finding equivalent fractions
  • finding fractions of shape and number

Click on the images below for some great interactive games to practise your fraction skills.


Week commencing Monday 20th April 2015

This week we have been working on 12 and 24 hour time, converting from analogue and also solving problems associated with time.

For more practise you can use some of the following fun games.  Click on the images.