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Year 6

Second stop - The Houses of Parliament

Representation and Voting Workshop

Planning for Summer 2

Date w/cEnglishMathsScienceAdditional topics
6th June

The Viewer - Shaun Tan



Fractions, percentages and pie-charts

 History - 

Maya and their Gods

RE - Muslim calligraphy, painting and poetry

Computing - Programming


13th June

Pig Heart Boy by Malorie Blackman

Introduction to the text

My Money Week

What does my circulatory system do?

What is the heart and what does it do?

Bikeability Week - 42 children learning Road Safety when riding a bike

History - The end of the Maya Civilisation

PSHE - who is special to me and their key characteristics and features that create this connection.  How to grow and develop friendships over time.

20th June

Pig Heart Boy by Malorie Blackman

Journalistic writing



line graphs

What is blood and what is in blood

Blood vessels and what they do

PSHE - recognising and valuing differences between individuals and identifying positive aspects of relationships.  What makes you you - identifying your own characteristics and personalities.

Road safety - preparing your journey to secondary school

Art - Drawing in the style of Giocametti sculptures

Rehearsal of What's the Crime, Mr Wolf?

27th June


Pig Heart Boy by Malorie Blackman

Journalistic writing

Applying line graphs to ScienceInvestigating pulse

PSHE - To recognise the diversity of family patterns, and how these can continue to change.

Rehearsal of What's the Crime, Mr Wolf?

4th July

Pig Heart Boy by Malorie Blackman



Year 6 transition visits to secondary school

Rehearsal of What's the Crime, Mr Wolf?

11th July    
18th July    


Summer 2

It is really hard to believe that the final half term at Bridgetown is here for the year 6s.  We have a really exciting half term with so much planned including Bikeability, Transition visits to our new secondary schools, Sports Day, a visit to London - A River Thames cruise to take in some the landmarks of London and a visit inside the Houses of Parliament, our end of year production, 'What Crime is it, Mr Wolf', hoodies, yearbooks and our final Y6 assembly to reflect on our time at Bridgetown.  We welcome Mrs Lloyd, last half term and this, as she is doing her final teaching practice before becoming a 'real' teacher!  Come on Year 6, make this half term a great one - we know that you will!

Mrs Milward, Mrs Swanwick and Mrs Lloyd


DateEnglishMathsScienceAdditional subjects
25th April

The Viewer - Shaun Tan

Introduction to the text using illustrations

SAT revision

Geometry of shapes – angles and angles in a triangle

Properties of 2D shapes including parts of a circle

Revision of topics for SATS

RE - What is sacred

Computing - ARETE publisher photoboard

Art - Graffiti street art

PE - Cricket all half term

2nd May

The Viewer - Shaun Tan

Character descriptions from different viewpoints

SAT revision

Revision of topics for SATS  

The Mayans - Introduction to The Mayans

Computing - ARETE publisher photoboard

Art To create a ‘tag’ and add to a graffiti wall

9th MaySATS  

History - The Mayans

Who they were and what they wore – hierarchy and clothing

RE How do mosque buildings express Islamic beliefs and values? What makes a fine mosque?

Art - Street art continued


16th May

The Viewer - Shaun Tan

Narrative 'Quest' planning


History - The Mayans

How the Mayans produced food.

How the Mayans communicated.

RE Muslim calligraphy, painting and poetry: what is inspiring?

21st May

The Viewer - Shaun Tan

Narrative 'Quest' drafting and editing


History - The Mayans

Mayan Gods

RE - Exploring cathedrals and Christian places of worship - what makes them sacred?


Summer 1

Welcome everyone to our final term in Year 6 - it's hard to believe but there it is and so much happening before our Year 6s head off to secondary school and Year 7.  We hope that it will be an enjoyable term and one that they enjoy, collate their final memories of Bridgetown and treasure their time with us too.  This first half term is really short and dominated by SATs before we can relax a little.  In addition to SATs we will have our class assembly to prepare for which will focus on our adventures at Arete.  To whet your appetite we have a few pictures to share now of our amazing time.

Year 6 Assessment - Spring Term

Year 6 Residential to Arete Outdoor Education Centre - Llanrug - North Wales

Tryfan- a classic pointed-shaped mountain that requires some scrambling to get to the very summit - and we made it!

Over the water and in the water - Rhosneigr - Anglesey

Evening activities

The Mayans are our topic focus for this half term and we will look at their society, hierarchy, food and farming, communication and religion.

Knowledge organiser for The Mayans

Amazing mechanisms from our Spring Term DT project

Spring 2

Welcome back everyone after half term and we hope that you had a good break.  We continue to have a busy term and we are looking forward to our residential which is just 2 weeks away.  Fingers crossed that we have some blue skies and sunshine but we may still need some thermals!


Thank you to everyone who was able to pop into school so that our hard work in Year 6 could be shared.  If you weren't able to make it, we are sure that there will be other opportunities before the end of term.  Thank you also to those who were able to make the KS2 SATs information evening - we had a good turnout and again it was lovely to see parents in school for a face-to-face meeting.  For those of you who weren't able to attend, please find below the PPT presentation of the evening.  There is no additional Knowledge Organiser for this half term as it continues from last term with the focus being on Evolution, Adaptation and Inheritance.  Additional work and activities, we are doing, will be updated each week between now and the end of term.


Many thanks, 

Mrs Swanwick and Mrs Milward

Spring 1

Welcome everyone to 2022 - what an exciting year this is going to be!  We all make January a time to reflect on the previous year and then make plans and decisions about the year ahead.  We hope that 2022 is going to be a special one for you, a time to enjoy being with family and friends, making the most of your last few months at Bridgetown and then the excitement that starting a new secondary school will bring in September.


We have a busy term ahead planned with our topic 'Our Planet Our Future' and our 5 day residential visit to Arete Outdoor Centre, a residential activity centre in Llanrug, North Wales.  Our Planet Our Future is mainly a science-based topic where you will learn about the evolution, classification and adaptation of living things, how livings things inherit different characteristics but also how we have a responsibility to look after our planet now and in the future, looking at renewable energy and the impact of using plastics.

Outline timetable for Spring 1

Week MathsEnglishScience and Topic

Geometry and position

Plotting coordinates in 4 quadrants

Plotting translations and reflections




Multiplying and dividing fractions



Multiplying and dividing by multiples of 10, 100 and 1000

Decimals as fractions

Fractions as decimals



Multiplying and dividing decimals



Percentage of amounts

Converting fractions to percentages

Equivalent decimals, fractions and percentages

NSPCC Maths Day


Equivalent decimals, fractions and percentages and problem solving


Finding and using a rule




Solving equations



Autumn 2

Welcome back after half term.  It was a great week to rest and recharge the batteries before another busy half term in Year 6.  Our topic this half term focuses on World War 1 using the well-known modern classic, 'War Horse' written by Michael Morpurgo as a stimulus for our activities and learning.  All of our English and topic work is related to this including some art and DT work too, this will also a day  in the Forest School trenches where we will be building dugouts and shelters and writing our diaries as a soldier on the Front Line.  In addition to this topic we will also be investigating and developing our understanding of Electricity in Science as well as exploring the question: What matters most to Christians and to Humanists? in RE.  Plus of course there will be preparations for Christmas in school - very busy half term.

Bell boating and water day - September 

It seems a while since we had a wonderful sunny day down by the river.  We enjoyed a fantastic day of understanding the importance of water and protecting the water form pollution as well as a new skill - bell-boating.  It was so lovely to be just out on a trip and something we hadn't done for a while!

Water Day and Bell-Boating on the River Avon

Welcome to Year 6


The Year 6 team - Mrs Swanwick, Mrs Milward, Mrs Cockburn and Mrs Langford have enjoyed a great start to this new academic year with your children.  

We are sure that you can hardly believe that Year 6 has arrived and that it i the final year at Bridgetown for your child.  It will be a busy year: lots of learning, new topics, some assessment preparation, transition preparation for secondary school and a Year 6 residential!  So much to condense into 3 terms.  Our Year 6s have started so well and we really feel that they are ready for the year ahead.  We will be putting weekly updates onto our webpage; sharing with you activities, work, thoughts from our pupils and photographs of what they have been doing.  We are already looking forward to our Water Day with bell-boating next Wednesday so look out for the photographs next week.




The full plan of learning for Autumn 1 is coming soon but in preparation for the detail of this please see below our Knowledge Organisers.  The idea behind these is that some key facts, concepts, definitions, events and people related to these topics can be shared and discussed at home and support your child in talking about their learning at home.