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Year 3

Extra PE!

Year 3 are enjoying their additional PE sessions on a Tuesday morning delivered by Leamington Football Club.  The sessions are focused on developing skills and fitness, by exposing the children to different sports (not just football) and the children are fully engaged throughout, laughing and chatting with their friends and the coaches.  

Summer Term 1


Welcome to the start of our summer term!  Our topic is the Stone Age and we will be looking at periods of the Stone Age, weapons, food and cave painting.  We will be cooking and visiting Forest School too.  In science we will be looking at flowering plants and have planned a number of interesting activities for the children.  Please see the timetable for the whole term and our knowledge organiser below.  Our KIRF for this half term is 'Time Facts' which will lead into 'Telling the Time' after half term.  Please find the details below also. 



Summer Term 1 Timetable

Topic Organiser

Summer Term 1 KIRF

Welcome to Spring Term 2!


Welcome back Year 3!  We have an exciting term planned for you!  Please see the overview of the term below.  We will be continuing with our topic, Ancient Egypt, looking at newspaper recounts and adventure stories in English and fractions, mass and capacity in maths.  This term we also have our Egyptian assembly and a visit from Professor McGinty which we are very excited about!  Our KIRF this term is the 8 times table.

Spring Term 2 Overview


The Mummy Rap

2021 Tutenkhamun! (performance track).mp3

Dear Goldfinches and Puffins, 


Welcome back!  We hope you have had a fantastic holiday and feel well rested, ready for an exciting term, exploring Ancient Egypt!  We have many fun and interesting lessons planned for you and hope you will enjoy it.  


The knowledge organiser for this term is below, plus this term's KIRF (the 4 times tables) and we have uploaded an overview of what we will be learning up to half term.


Best wishes, 

Mrs Pearson and Mr Lether

Ancient Egypt Knowledge Organiser

Spring Term 1 Weekly Overview

Spring Term 1 KIRF

Autumn Term 2 


We continue our Rainforest topic this half term, and will be getting stuck into the problem of deforestation and global warming. We have read the book 'There's a Rang-tan in my bedroom' and watched the short film and the children feel very passionate about the challenges faced by Rainforest animals.  We are planning to hold a biscuit sale to raise money for the WWF, and will hopefully raise enough to adopt a rainforest animal.  Watch this space for further information! 


On Thursday 17th November, we are going on a school trip to the Thinktank.  This is an amazing hands-on Science museum and we are sure that the children are going to love it!  We will also have a Light workshop at the museum to introduce our new science topic. 


In DT the children are going to design and make a 3D pneumatic rainforest animal, out of junk materials.  Please can we ask you start to collecting junk material, such as large and small boxes, yogurt pots (washed out), kitchen towel tubes, bottle top lids etc but no milk bottles.


In maths we will continue to learn addition and subtraction and will move onto multiplication and division.  Our KIRF for this half term is 'I know the 3 times tables (multiplication and division).  Please see the details below.


All in all, a very busy half term! We will update this website as often as possible with pictures so you can see what the children get up to. 


Very best wishes, 

Mr Lether and Mrs Pearson

KIRF - I know the 3 times table

Harvest festival 


We are very excited that we are able to invite all parents to our Harvest Assembly on Thursday 20th October at 9.10am.  The children have started rehearsing and most should have brought words home to learn. (Please don't worry if your child hasn't brought any home, that means that they are part of role play or poem and will learn this at school.)


We would be grateful if you can support your child to learn their lines, the more confident they are, the louder and clearer they will sound!  


Below are three links to the songs that we will be singing, we hope you enjoy listening to these. 


Thank your lucky stars with words.mp3

Harvest Samba


This is a link to the third song, it is a Youtube clip that we use in class.


Welcome to Year 3!  


The Year 3 team consists of Mrs Pearson, Mr Lether, Mrs Cooper and Mrs Elwell.  We have a very exciting term planned, where we will study the rainforest and the human impact on our environment. As part of our rainforest work, the children research different animals and write a non-chronological report, make 3D rainforest animals and study the jungle art of the artist Henry Rousseau. Please have a look at our topic organiser below to see what other exciting learning will be going on this term.

Here is our Year 3 KIRF (Key Instant Recall of Facts) focus for this half term. We are learning the numbe bonds for each number up to 20.


Click to enlarge.

A new school year and lots of new and exciting learning is to come. Keep an eye out above to see all of the wonderful work as it unfolds for Puffins and Goldfinches in 2022/2023.


If you would like to look at historic work in Year 3, please scroll down below.

Indian Topic Day


The children had an amazing day on Thursday when they all turned into Bollywood dancers! The two classes learned 3 different dances and really enjoyed performing these for the parents at the end of the day.  They also had time to make vegetable samosas, they smelled delicious!. Many thanks to the volunteers that helped with the cooking, we couldn't do these things without you! We hope you enjoy the slide show.  


Mrs Pearson and Miss Thijssen 

Welcome to Summer 2! 


In the final half term of this year the children will be exploring the exciting topic India.  As always, the term is packed with many interesting, fun and creative activities for the children.  For example, we can't wait for our topic day at the end of this month, when we invite the Bollywood dancers to teach the year 3 various original Indian dances. You are all warmly invited to join us at the end of the day to watch the children perform.  


In our PE lessons, we will be preparing for sports day.  This will be a combination of fun activities, team work skills and of course the running races.  Which house will win the cup this year? 


During the art and DT lessons, the children will investigate some authentic art patterns used on Indian fabric.  They will then design their own patterns and by using pieces of polystyrene, they will create their own colourful fabric. On top of this, keep an eye out for some wonderful Rangoli patterns on the playground!  


In our science lessons, we will investigate how forces and magnets are used to make objects move.  We are looking forward to the hands on experiments we have planned for this!  


Please see below for the Topic planner, which covers a summary of the information and vocabulary taught during this half term.  As always, please don't hesitate to contact us if there are any questions or queries. 


Best wishes, 

Mrs Pearson, Mrs Holt and Miss Thijssen

Welcome to Summer Term 1



Stone Age Soup-er Day!

What a fantastic time the children had making Stone Age soup last week.  They made a variety of soups, carrot and coriander, leek and potato and cream of tomato using fresh ingredients.  The children learnt a number of new skills, including how to safely use knives to cut vegetables, how to follow a set of instructions, how to measure ingredients accurately and how to work in a team.  Once their soup was ready, they enjoyed tasting it with warm bread.  It was delicious!

Dear Parents, 


We are very excited to have started our new Topic The Stone Age and it is great to see the enthusiasm of the children while they are learning about the new topic.  Below is an overview of the activities and learning during this half term.  We have also uploaded the knowledge organiser which you have also received by email.  


This half term is full of fun activities like cooking, art, cricket and forest school.  Many thanks to those who have volunteered already to help with making soup next week. 


As always,  thank you for your ongoing support and please come and see us if you have any comments or queries. 


Best wishes, 

Miss Thijssen and Mrs Pearson  

Summer 1

Egyptian Topic Day 


What a great way to end their exciting topic, Ancient Egypt!  The children have loved this topic this year, and it was lovely to hear your feedback at parents' evenings too.  It was therefore extra special to finish this topic with a fabulous topic day.  The children looked amazing in their brilliant costumes.  They had a very busy day of cooking, papyrus making, clay modelling and of course visiting Professor McGinty's time travelling museum. The children (and adults!) laughed non stop!  Professor McGinty commenting on the great behaviour of the Year 3 children and we are very proud of them.  


A big thank you for all the volunteers today, we couldn't have done it without you! 


We hope you enjoy looking through the photos of today.

Best wishes, 

Miss Thijssen and Mrs Pearson 



Egyptian Class Assembly


On Thursday 17th March we are holding our sharing assembly at 9.15am in the morning, and we hope to see many of you there.  The children will start practising their lines after half term however, we have started on the songs already.  It would be great if the children can practise these as often as possible during half term.  


Many thanks, 

Miss Thijssen and Mrs Pearson

Welcome to the Spring Term!


This term we start to explore Ancient Egypt, finding out about the process of mummification, Ancient Egyptian Gods, Death Masks and much more!  We will learn the story of The Egyptian Cinderella in English, continue our work on multiplication and division in maths and begin to explore our Amazing Bodies in Science.

Please have a look at the overview of the term below as well as our topic knowledge organiser.

Thinktank school trip 


The Year 3 children were very excited as they went on their first school trip for a very long time to the Thinktank in Birmingham. The children had an amazing time in this hands-on museum learning about engineering and mechanics on the way. The Electricity Show was a great start to our new science topic too and the Science Garden was the overall favourite! The children behaved beautifully and we are very proud of all of them. We would like to say a big Thank You to the volunteers that helped us on the day.    

Martial Arts

The Year 3's thoroughly enjoyed the Martial Arts taster sessions this Friday.  There will be a new after school club starting after half term, on Wednesday afternoons.  Please look out for an email with more information about how to sign up on Monday. 

Learning Conversation 15.10.2021

Learning conversation 08/10/2021

Welcome to Year 3!  


The Year 3 team consists of Mrs Pearson, Miss Thijssen, Mrs Tilford, Mrs Elwell, Mrs D'Ambrosio and Mrs Smith.  We have a very exciting term planned, in where we will study the Rainforest and the human impact on our environment. As part of our rainforest work, the children research different animals and write a non-chronological report, make 3D rainforest animals and study the jungle art of the artist Henry Rousseau. Please have a look at our topic organiser to see what other exciting learning will be going on this term. 

Topic Organiser