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Our key priority areas for 2020-21:


1. To further develop the leadership and standards in maths across the whole school so that progress scores are above 0 by the summer of 2021, with a particular focus on enhancing pupils' reasoning and problem solving skills (previous OFSTEd area for development), using Covid starting points as a basis for this work.

2. To develop the curriculum provision mapping with considerable focus on a Covid recovery curriculum, so that there is clear intent, implement and impact for every area of the curriculum through effective monitoring/subject leadership, including a thorough Continuing Professional Development programme.

3. To develop and embed the new approaches underpinned by the Relationships and behaviour policy, using recovery wellbeing strategies, following on from Covid.

4. To develop the provision for Special Educational Needs pupils and in particular nurture provision to enable these pupils to thrive within the Covid circumstances, reflected in progress scores and parent/staff/pupil survey outcomes.

5. To use the external review of governance as a basis for making changes to the effectiveness of the governing body.

6. To develop and improve the Early Years Foundation Stage environment, indoors and out, ensure that the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum is ambitious and coherent, is pupil led and enables pupils to revisit, apply consolidate and embed skills in different contexts and environments, yet provides a Covid safe and secure environment which is appropriate and realistic.