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Junior Choir

We are children in Key Stage 2 (Y3-6) who love to sing...

This academic year (2019-20), we have already been busy!  Here we are at one of our first rehearsals:

We have already taken part in the Stratford Music Festival concert,  'Hum about mine ears' at the Stratford Playhouse on Wednesday 18th September, alongside a whole host of professional musicians - it was a great experience!





The new choir sang at Holy Trinity Church in Stratford on Wednesday 16th October as part of their lunchtime recitals to a large audience and received lots of lovely compliments.

In the second half of the autumn term, we sang at Coventry Cathedral as part of a Christingle service on Tuesday 3rd December 2019, singing one piece by ourselves and then other Christmas songs as part of a group of schools - a lovely experience!

On Friday 6th December our choir sang at the Victorian Fair in the centre of Stratford - three Christmas numbers which, as one passer-by commented, 'That lovely singing really got me in the Christmas spirit!'
We received a lovely, warm welcome on Tuesday 10th December where we sang for the residents at Swan Court on the Banbury Road, near Bridgetown.  

In addition, we sang at the Rosebird Centre on Friday 13th December. We are in demand!


Furthermore, we performed as part of the KS2 Carol Service on Thursday 19th December. 


Our big exciting event to kick off 2020 was singing at Birmingham Young Voices on 27th January 2020 - it was AMAZING!  There were 6105 other children there, in addition to 31 of us and the sound was incredible... 



Young Voices 2020


Here are the songs we shall be rehearsing for Young Voices 2020. Have a listen and practice at home. 

01 Best Of The West.wma

02 You'll Be In My Heart-On My Way.wma

03 Ode To Joy.wma

04 Kusimama.wma

05 Kusimama Chorus Pt 1.wma

06 Kusimama Chorus Pt 2.wma

07 Frightfest!.wma

08 Larger Than Life.wma

09 Shiny Happy People.wma

10 Queen Medley.wma

11 I Couldn't Do This Without You.wma

12 A Thousand Hallelujahs.wma

13 Somebody To Love.wma

14 Pop Medley 2020.wma