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Bridgetown School Improvement Planning

Our key priority areas for 2021-22:



Key Priority 1 (Quality of Education):

To raise standards in writing and spelling, in particular in relation to the attainment and progress of boys, so that progress scores are above 0 by the summer of 2022 for the end of Key Stage 2.


Key Priority 2 (Quality of Education):

To further develop the leadership and standards in maths across the whole school so that progress scores are above 0 by the summer of 2022, with a particular focus on enhancing fluency (maths previous OFSTEd point for development).


Key Priority 3 (Behaviour and Attitudes): 

To develop further consistency and approaches in line with the Relationships and behaviour policy, including opportunities for parental and extra curricular engagement, developing the whole child and ensuring community cohesion in a post-Covid world.


Key Priority 4 (Personal development): 

To develop the stretch and challenge opportunities at Bridgetown, ensuring that all provision is suited to children who require additional material or support.


Key Priority 5 (Leadership and Management): 

To ensure that the new structure of SLT/MLT allows for effective monitoring to take place which reflects high quality teaching and learning with a new reinvigorated and exciting curriculum, fit for 21st century Britain.


Key Priority 6 (Quality of Early Years Education)

To develop the outdoor Early Years provision, ensure effective deployment of staffing and use the revised EYFS framework to make changes to ensure high quality Early Years provision.