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Prospective MAT Consultation

Prospective Multi Academy Trust Consultation


The Governors and leaders of Bridgetown Primary School have been considering how the school should adapt to the fast-changing landscape for school governance, both nationally and in the region. We have considered many options, and believe that it is in the best interests of the school to form a Multi Academy Trust (MAT) to enable us to shape the next phase of our development.


We are now considering an opportunity to cooperate with other local schools in setting up a new, local, bespoke MAT, with three local schools, Bishopton Primary, Thomas Jolyffe Primary and Stratford upon Avon School. We do not believe that we can stand alone; we do believe there will be many benefits in working with other schools, particularly if they are schools that we have chosen. This letter is to raise awareness and inform you about the proposals and is the beginning of the consultation process to gather views from across our school community. We want to start a dialogue with partners and understand their various views and perspectives.


The Department for Education (DfE) expects schools to support each other to develop and improve, rather than relying on the Local Authority to provide that role. As a group of schools we are looking to create our own Stratford upon Avon-based Multi Academy Trust that reflects our values, meets the specific needs of our wider community and preserves each school’s distinctive ethos and identity, rather than join an existing trust or large national sponsored chain.


The Governors feel that the opportunity to become an equal partner in a locally based MAT has many benefits for our children. We believe this provides an excellent opportunity to improve the quality of learning and teaching and wider provision for the young people in our care, develop staff and strengthen our respective schools. As part of the same organisation, we would be committed to ensuring sustainable school improvement in every school and high quality educational provision for local families. By working closely together we will be stronger and find the right approach to raise and sustain standards in different settings. We believe that our sum will always be greater than our individual parts.


What are the benefits in becoming a MAT?

  • To enable governors and school leaders to come together and take responsibility to provide better education in their community, rather than just in their individual schools, supported by a common ethos
  •  Mutual support and challenge
  • Sharing excellent practice in teaching and learning
  • Greater opportunities for pupils to learn new skills and experience new activities
  • A richer curriculum through partnership working and shared resources
  • Enhanced professional development of teaching and support staff
  • Attracting and retaining the best staff
  • Financial and resource efficiencies through joint commissioning of services

Who will be consulted?

  • Parents, pupils, staff and members of the community who are involved in the schools and who wish to contribute to improving the quality of education for our children
  • Those who will be involved in planning and creating the MAT


Further details in the form of Frequently Asked Questions are available in the document below. 


There will be a consultation meeting for parents at school on Monday 29th January at 6pm (the presentation slides from this meeting are now available in the document section below) and a drop-in session with governors and senior leaders on Thursday 1st February between 3:15 and 4:30 p.m.


There will be a further consultation meeting on Thursday 1st March at 6pm held at Stratford upon Avon School.


Please email any comments or responses to the consultation to All responses will be considered and, though it will not be possible to respond individually to all emails, further updates will be added to the school website in due course.


The consultation period runs until Friday 9th March.