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Key Stage One Playground Equipment Installation!

Thursday 1st June

Another busy day for the grounds team...but what a beautiful day to be working outside... and what a fantastic start to June for the children of Bridgetown! Just look at some of the new equipment!! It's all looking really fantastic now. I can't wait to see the children's faces on Tuesday morning! How exciting!


Wednesday 31st May 3pm

A busy day but, finally, the first big piece of equipment is installed... hooray!! Won't be long now until the grand opening!


Wednesday 31st May 7am

7am - early start for the groundwork team but work is well underway.... check out the holes ready for the new equipment. All on schedule to be finished by Friday - hooray! Does that mean the teachers and TAs get first try on Monday (teacher training day)?!?!?!?!?!


Tuesday 30th May 2pm

So, now the holes are being cut into the soft surface ready for the new equipment to be installed into the ground...not long now....


Tuesday 30th May 10.30am

Farewell rotten, old, condemned climbing frame!! It finally came down with a swift knock of the digger! We can't wait to see what's wrapped up inside the giant, cellophane sealed wrapping paper! Watch this space!!


Tuesday 30th May 9.30am

Work on removing the old play equipment is well underway! So far, the pencils have been removed and the skips are at the ready to be filled with all the old, rotten climbing equipment.

The lorry has arrived containing all the brand new apparatus. We can't wait to see it all installed!

Watch this space for more photos and to see the progress so far!